About Us

Our Mission & Philosophy

Our firm is dedicated to maximizing the potential of every property and client relationship while holding an exemplary standard of collaboration within our firm.

With a focus on efficiency, professionalism, and a balanced approach, our team is committed to making a notable impact on each asset. We prioritize the optimization of our business practices, ensuring that our team’s expertise is directed towards enhancing our organizational effectiveness. Our goal is to operate a well-structured business, focusing on surpassing industry benchmarks and maintaining excellence in our internal processes.

Our Goals & Core Values

The Discovery Group emphasizes the importance of strategic and thoughtful investments. This is done through careful selection of properties that offer strong growth potential while seeing beyond immediate profits to long-term value creation.

Understanding the full potential of both properties and people is an approach The Discovery Group prides itself on. We recognize the importance of repositioning properties to enhance their value, identifying underutilized assets for redevelopment, and encouraging employees to innovate and excel in their roles.

Through our collaboration with many philanthropic organizations, The Discovery Group continues to contribute to the surrounding community, engaging in charitable activities that benefit our surroundings.

At the Discovery Group, we are dedicated to achieving specific goals, whether in relation to our properties, client services, or financial performance. We maintain a clear vision of what this firm aims to achieve through efficiency and synergy.

We believe that collaboration is key as projects often require input from various stakeholders. Our team approach leads to innovative solutions and efficient problem-solving.

A balanced approach to an investment portfolio mitigates risk. The Discovery Group diversifies our investments across various types of asset categories in multiple geographical locations.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Investments & Acquisitions

Our expertise in Investments and Acquisitions enables us to focus on expanding and diversifying our firm’s portfolio through strategic purchases, ensuring long-term growth and sustainability. 


In Brokerage, we excel in both Leasing and Sales, providing comprehensive market analysis, negotiations, and transactional management resulting in maximizing asset value. 

Property Redevelopment

Our Property Redevelopment services transform underutilized and outdated properties into vibrant, high-value assets, enhancing their market appeal and profitability.

Property Marketing

Lastly, our innovative Property Marketing strategies employ the latest market insights to effectively promote properties; ensuring maximum visibility and attracting the right tenants or buyers. At the Discovery Group, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and results in every aspect of real estate.

SAF Properties

At SAF Properties, we go beyond traditional commercial property management by establishing genuine partnerships with our clients and tenants.

Our commitment to excellence plays a pivotal role in enabling clients to fulfill their financial objectives and maximize the value of their property. With a management team skilled in nurturing strong tenant relationships, we represent Commercial Property Owners with unparalleled professionalism to ensure that their assets achieve their highest potential. Our services provide property owners with a “hassle-free” management experience.